Who Can Benefit from Sports Massage?

The answer to this is…. absolutely anyone!

Mike HattanWhether you’re a professional athlete or just starting out running a couple of miles a week, everyone can benefit from a regular massage. You don’t even have to wait til you’re injured (as a lot of people think) to come and see a Sports Therapist. A regular maintenance massage can often prevent any injuries from occurring….so can prove hugely beneficial in the long run.

However, if you are unlucky enough to become injured, a Sports Therapist can get you back on track, with massage, advice on stretching and advice on your training plan…whether it’s for a marathon or to get you running around the block again.

To date Mike has worked with many athletes from various sporting areas and a wide variety of abilities. These range from people who simply enjoy a jog around the park once a week through to the very top level elite.

Below are few of those athletes…
• Wimbledon and Australian Open semi finalist
• South African National Sprint Kayak Champion
• British Championship Latin American dancers
• European Karate Gold Medallist
• International Professional Dancers
• Yorkshire School Boys Rugby Union Player
• Numerous Ironman Triathletes
• National level Motorbike Trails Rider
• Ultra-Marathon runners and Women’s Elite Marathon Runner
• Endurance Cyclist (1200Kms +)

Mike has also had the privilege and satisfaction of working alongside Britain’s Top Marathon coach Bud Baldaro as well as one of Britain’s best ever distance runners, Ron Hill, at numerous seminars in York. He has also had the pleasure of treating….

• Howard Cross, who pulled his achilles beating his best friend at tennis
• Howard’s wife Helen, who’s an excellent club runner, and likes to stay injury-free by having a maintenance massage once a month
• Penny Causer, who doesn’t really have an exercise regime, but gets a bad back that needs looking at
• Sarah Hargreaves, who loves running but gets injured as soon as she even looks at a pair of trainers