Our Ethos and Vision

roseAs a recognised HPC registered chiropodist and podiatrist, Jonathan Draper founded the White Rose Clinic in 2002.

His flare and passion for biomechanics and podiatry, particularly in the sporting world led the French giants, Sidas, to solicit Jonathan’s help, along with other leading experts and top-level athletes.

They keep innovation at the heart of the Sidas production site, continually finding the best materials and design for your custom orthotics.

roseJonathan’s first premises in Haxby Road served him well, since then he has developed the clinic along with his reputation attracting only the best practitioners in the field of biomechanics, massage, physiotherapy and chiropody to work alongside him.

roseS Adam B Budgen is one of the leading consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeons specialising in disorders of the foot and ankle.

He offers a full range of services from consultations to pain relief injections and surgery. He is one of the pioneering surgeons for MIS Minimally Invasive Surgery, which is a step on from key hole surgery and has a prominent role in the teaching of medical students.

roseAdam and Jonathan’s field of expertise are interlinked, each providing respectively surgical treatment and non-surgical treatment for foot and ankle problems.

Between these two experts, where feet, ankles and toes are concerned, there is very little they have not collectively come across. It made perfect sense for them to join forces to create the White Rose Clinic at Heworth House.

roseIt was their vision to provide a friendly, personal, professional clinic with practitioners to provide a complete range of preventative treatment, operative and post-operative recovery treatment for your functional and biomechanical needs.

Operating all under one welcoming roof, the clinic provides a one stop shop for you, the patient, to be exposed to several experts in their field.

roseThe White Rose Clinic team are actively involved with over 75 professional sporting bodies and have extensive experience treating elite athletes.

The same techniques employed to get these players to the best they can be in the sporting arena are also employed to get the person on the street to the best they can be for everyday life.