There is a vast and varied range of aspects that a general chiropody appointment can cover. Along with the different treatments on offer, client-tailored advice and management plans will also be established to ensure that your feet are kept at their optimum health.

The clinic provides a high quality chiropody service in accordance with the details in its Patients’ Charter.

In addition to chiropody treatment, we are happy to offer general footcare advice and, if the customer wishes, we complete the treatment with a foot massage.

Please see below for a more detailed outline of what we offer:

roseNew Clients

An individual’s general health can impact massively on the overall health of their feet. As a new patient to the clinic we will always assess your vascular and neurological status, and under-take a general health and medical history.

This helps us tailor treatment and management specifically to you. All client information will be confidential.

roseGeneral Maintenance

A general maintenance chiropody appointment includes an assessment of your vascular and neurological status and a general health and medical history; a simple nail cut; hard skin, corn and callous removal; specific foot care advice and an application of deep moisturising cream.


Simple nail cut – You may find that those toes can become hard to reach and difficult to cut and need some assistance to manage your nail care.

Nails can become harder and thicker over the years which can also lead to assistance being required.


fungal nail

Fungal nails

These can become unsightly, thickened, painful and difficult to deal with.

We can help by ensuring the nail is filed down, cut correctly and give advice regarding treatment.



Involuted nails

This is when the nails curl inwards and can make cutting them difficult. This type of nail commonly leads to ingrown toenails, particularly when cut incorrectly.

We offer assistance and advice on how best to manage this type of nail.



Hard skin, corn and callous removal

Hard skin, corn and callous build up can become painful and unsightly.

Not only will we remove this for you but we can assess your feet to determine why the build-up is happening, and manage accordingly.


Verrucae Treatment

Verrucae can be painful, unsightly and hard to get rid of. As with many conditions there are different treatment options available.

At White Rose Clinic we will assess your verruca and determine the best treatment option available to tackle the issue and fit in around your lifestyle.

We offer cryo-therapy (freezing), and various topical creams/ointments. Before we carry out any treatment we will usually take some of the verruca tissue away using a scalpel.

This helps the treatment tackle the root of the issue.

fungal nail

Fungal Infections of the Skin and Nail

Fungal infections, such as Athlete’s foot, can cause pain,
irritation and can quickly spread to other parts of the foot.

We offer various treatment options and advice on how best
to tackle this issue.


Diabetic Foot Check

Diabetes can affect the sensation in our feet, leaving our feet vulnerable to trauma and even ulceration. We will automatically carry out a diabetic foot assessment on any client, new or old, who has diabetes to assess the risk category of their feet.

This allows us to give appropriate advice on how best to manage your feet, and to tailor treatment and management plans specifically to you. Clients in the higher risk categories may need more frequent chiropody care to ensure that the risk of ulceration is kept to a minimum. We also advise that diabetics should seek advice before carrying out any home treatments as these can sometimes have undesirable consequences.

Diabetics SHOULD NOT treat corns or verruca by themselves!

Other Foot Problems

The above list highlights the most commonly seen problems within our clinic. However, as chiropodists/podiatrists we specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of problems related to the foot and lower limb, therefore do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues regarding your feet.

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