Case Study of Keyhole Surgery

roseThe following information is available from a patient, who experienced a keyhole and a conventional surgery performed by Mr. Adam Budgen.

Before and after surgery:


Recovery – Left foot – Keyhole surgery

24 hours following the operation I experienced only a dull ache in the left foot centred around the big toe joint. This pain was completely manageable with over-the-counter pain relief.

48 hours following surgery there was little or no pain at all. I was able to bear my entire weight on the left foot without any real discomfort. The toe joint was stiff and I did experience mild pain when trying to move the big toe. No more pain relief required for this foot.

6 days after surgery – you can see from the photos that there is only mild swelling in the toe joint area and the incisions are minimal and are healing nicely.

13 days after surgery – I am now able wriggle my big toe freely without any pain and I’m whizzing around in my plastic shoes!!

Recovery – Right foot – Conventional surgery

24 hours after surgery – I am experiencing pain centred around toe joint. Need to be on pain relief every 4 hours day and night.

6 days after surgery – the pain has moved to the top of the foot arch. The foot feels very swollen and I am still unable to put my weight on my right foot. I am still on pain killers 24/7.

8 days after surgery  – the pain is finally starting to subside but the foot still feels swollen and doesn’t feel comfortable to put my weight on it.

9 days after surgery – first day without pain relief  after surgery. Foot feels stiff in the morning. Foot still needs to be elevated most of the day.

11 days after surgery – I am finally able to wriggle my big toe without stiffness or pain and I can put my weight on my right foot. I can now sleep comfortably at night.

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