Welcome to MK1 Massage

Welcome to MK1 Massage

MK1 massageYou may be one of those people who takes their sport very seriously, or you could be someone who has simply pulled something getting off the couch….either way, at some stage or other, everyone could benefit from seeing a sports or physical therapist to sort out those aches and pains, no matter how minor.

For those who do take their sport more seriously, nothing is more frustrating that suffering an injury that gets in the way of your personal training schedule.

And no one knows this more than Sports Therapist Mike Hattan, owner of Mk1 Massage, who specialises in deep tissue massage therapy.

If you read his biography, you’ll see that you are being dealt with by someone who has enjoyed competing at a high level.

Our primary aims are …

• Treat your injury and reduce pain
• Get you back on track with your chosen sport in the shortest possible time
• Ensure that the injury doesn’t recur
• Improve your performance with ongoing therapy

Sports therapy can benefit all types of injuries….

• back and neck pain and repetitive strain injuries
• stress relief and associated conditions
• headaches and migraines
• muscle pain and soreness
• post-surgical rehabilitation